Robert Pattinson To Join Hunger Games Cast?

Rumours have started circulating that Lionsgate are trying to persuade Twilight star Robert Pattinson to join that cast of Hunger Games Sequel Catching Fire.

The move would not only cause countless fangirls hearts to explode in joy but would see Pattinson reunited with his Water For Elephants Director Francis Lawrence. Lawrence recently took over directing responsibilities for the blockbuster sequel after Hunger Games director Gary Ross stepped away from the project due to scheduling concerns.

Lionsgate apparently would like to see Rob Pattinson take on the athletic role of Finnick Odair. Playing the handsome character might require the Twilight star to beef up a little and spend some time in the sun, trading his signature paleness for a tanned glow. We can’t imagine may fans would object to that either.

It remains to be seen just how credible this casting rumour is, but it would give Lionsgate’s tentpole franchise a welcome if unnecessary box office boost,  while further cementing Pattinson’s superstar status and post-Twilight box office credibility.

Ironically our very own Russ bumped into the beautiful Katniss Everdeen herself in London tonight at the press night for new play Posh. Here’s a picture of Russ and the lovely Jennifer Lawrence below:

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