Jennifer Lawrence Joins East Of Eden Remake

Jennifer Lawrence will officially re-team with her Hunger Games Director Gary Ross for a remake of James Dean classic East of Eden, based on the celebrated novel of John Steinbeck.

James Dean was Oscar nominated after his tragic death for his performance in the previous 1955 film version. Recent best actress Oscar winner Lawrence will play Jo Van Fleet in the new version, an estranged mother of two young boys who compete for the affection of their father o a Californian farm.

Universal Pictures are behind the film having reacquired the rights to the book after previous efforts to bring it back to the big screen had proved fruitless.

This time Director Ross is expected to be responsible for the script and powerhouse producer Brian Grazer is also behind the production.

In related news Steven Spielberg and Dreamworks are reportedly set to remake another Steinbeck classic The Grapes of Wrath. 

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