Arnold Schwarzenegger To Fight Zombies

Arnold Schwarzenegger is reportedly attached to star in and produce new Zombie film Maggie. Based on a long admired script from John Scott III and marking a directing debut for Heny Hobson the film sees the world once again plunged into the surprisingly entertaining terror of a Zombie Apocalypse.

Schwarzenegger will apparently be playing a father helping his daughter come to terms with her infection, as a pandemic virus turns the world’s population into ravenous undead monsters. Time will tell if the new project turns out as somber as recent Brad Pitt effort World War Z or instead takes the quick and easy path to lazy puns and big explosions.

For now we can only wonder whether Maggie will indeed feature a somehow inevitable scene where a newly Zombified Arnie says ‘I’m Back… from the Dead!”. Although as a consolation prize we would also accept the lines “Doesn’t anybody stay dead any more” and/or ‘I’m not dead yet!”.

Schwarzenegger already has Termintor 5, Triplets and another Conan movie on his schedule alongside promoting duties for The Escape Plan and Ten. So it’s unclear when exactly he will find the time to fight the sinister forces of the undead.

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