October 2021

Tilda Swinton Memoria Permanently In Cinemas

Indie film distributor Neon has confirmed an unusual strategy for the release of Tilda Swinton starring film Memoria. The film is set to debut in American cinemas from 26th December and according to Neon will permanently and exclusively be available there on the big screen. The ambitious plan is to have the film only play [...]

Colin Firth Operation Mincemeat Trailer

World War II drama Operation Mincemeat depicts the real life efforts of British Intelligence to sensationally trick the German military command by planting false information in papers on a dead body of a British soldier left to wash ashore in enemy controlled waters. Shakespeare In Love and Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Director John Madden helms [...]

Belfast TIFF Review

The Plot An Ulster Protestant families’ life in Belfast during the height of the infamous ‘Troubles’ in Northern Ireland in 1969 is retold form the perspective of their nine year old son Buddy. The Good Award winning director Kenneth Branagh has described Belfast and his most deeply personal film to date. That earnest and intimate [...]

The Power Of The Dog TIFF Review

The Plot A slow burn western drama set in 1925 following the Burbank brothers, a pair of wealthy Montana ranchers. When George Burbank unexpectedly brings home a new wife Rose and her existing son Peter, it triggers a menacing campaign of cruelty and psychological torment from his tyrannical brother Phil. Setting the new ‘family’ on [...]

Last Night In Soho TIFF Review

The Plot A 60’s obsessed modern day fashion student finds herself seemingly magically transported each night from her bedsit to the lurid and dangerous world of 1960’s London nightlife. Her visions of the mirrored life of wannabe singer Sandie quickly posing strange questions about whether these are purely figments of imagination or a genuine ghostly [...]

Spencer TIFF Review

The Plot Set in 1991 this historical fiction turns Princess Diana’s existential crisis over her potential divorce from Prince Charles into a psychological drama. Set over a tense holiday period in confines of the Queen’s Sandringham estate the film explores the suffocating claustrophobia of Dian’s Royal life during the tumultuous dying stages of her infamously [...]

The Worst Person In The Wold TIFF Review

The Plot The third film in director Joachim Trier’s ‘Oslo Trilogy’ follows a young Medical Student Julie on a journey torn between a relationship with a significantly older comic artist and a young barista she bonds with following a chance encounter. The Good Joachim Trier’s acclaimed storytelling reaches a compelling climax with this black comedy [...]

Tim Federle Directing Sister Act 3

In 2020 Disney previously announced to investors plans to make a third Sister Act movie with star Whoopi Goldberg returning to the iconic franchise to both star and produce. It has now been confirmed who will helm the project. Tim Federle the director of High School Musical The Series will be taking control of the [...]

Ridley Scott Says Gladiator 2 Ready To Go

Veteran director Ridley Scott 83 has insisted that the long awaited and seemingly unlikely sequel to his iconic Russell Crowe action epic Gladiator is ready to go and will be his next project once his current Napoleon project wraps. Already in 2021 the director responsible for iconic classics like Alien and Blade Runner added two [...]