White House Down Extended Trailer

After delaying it’s release to avoid uncomfortable comparisons with Gerrard Butler’s similarly plotted action effort Olympus Has Fallen, it’s finally time for director Roland Emmerich to start pushing his own White House under seige movie White House Down.

This time it’s up to a wannabe secret service agent (Channing Tatum) and a surprisingly gun totting president (Jamie Foxx) to save the country from a villain who has apparently figured out how to use computers to make Washington landmarks blow up.

The latest trailer enthusiastically delivers over 4 minutes of  footage, mostly accompanied by explosions and a rousing rock soundtrack. It actually verges on being an abridged version of the entire film as opposed to merely a trailer; showcasing what looks like every major plot point, action sequences and key piece of dialogue. It even manages to fit an entire job interview in!

Aggressively marketing itself as a buddy action comedy, the film also takes the brave step of having Channing Tatum openly dressed as Bruce Willis in Die Hard. Calling his character John and having Tatum run around in a wife beater vest glibly delivering one liners to himself isn’t the best wake to shake  such obvious comparisons.

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