The Crow Creator On Movie Remake

The Crow creator James O’Barr has spoken about the forthcoming big screen reboot of the cult film franchise, admitting that it was the film’s Spanish director F.Javier Gutiérrez that convinced him to become more directly involved in the project. The director apparently impressed/reassured O’Barr by his insistence that the new film would remain painstakingly faithful to the original graphic novel.

“It was his idea to go right back to the source material and essentially shoot it shot-for-shot, as in the book, but with a little more backstory for some of the characters. He wants to be as faithful as possible, even down to all the visual metaphors of trains and horses.”

British star Luke Evans recently beat out a host of leading men to  land the role as the film’s avenging hero Eric Draven. O’Barr also offered his initial opinion on the casting:

“The producers showed me some shots of [Luke Evans] in the make-up and the tragedy really shows on his face, especially his eyes. He has a really commanding screen presence.”

As a bonus check out our red carpet interview with Luke Evans at The Fast and furious 6 World Premiere where he told us how it felt to be cast in the iconic role, days after the news first broke:

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