Star Wars Episode II & III 3D Both Released 2013

George Lucas is one again bringing an updated version of his ever changing Star Wars Saga back to the big screen. Having seen the 3D re-release of Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace take over $44 million in cinemas worldwide it’s now been announced that Attack of The Clones and Revenge of The Sith 3D versions will both arrive in cinemas next year.

Episode II will arrive on 20 September 2013, followed less than a month later by Episode III on 11 October. Lucasfilm had previously announced that the each of the six Star Wars films would be re-released over six years. However they’ve now accelerated that schedule by putting the remaining prequels out at the same time.

However you feel about the Jedi wisdom of putting Jar Jar Binks and Hayden Christensen’s acting in 3D, at least this means that fans will have at a year less to wait before seeing the original trilogy make a triumphant return to cinemas.

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