Stanley Tucci The Wind Rises Interview

Stanley Tucci is part of the American voice cast for The Wind Rises, the farewell animated masterpiece from acclaimed Japanese filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki. Here’s what the Hunger Games star had to say about the new film:

On voicing animated films

I love doing animated films.  It’s fun because you don’t really have to wear make-up, stand out in the cold or go too far away from home. So it’s really fun.  And you get to play like you’re a kid again.  But I also looked at the film and found it so beautiful.  It was such an interesting story and I wanted to be involved in it.

On the story of The Wind Rises

It’s the struggle and journey of this young Japanese boy to realise his dreams of creating a beautiful, high-functioning aircraft and put Japan on the map. At this point, Japan was in the throes of a depression and they were very poor and didn’t have a lot of the technology available that other countries, like Germany or the US, had.  It’s his struggle to get to where he felt they could be and should be.

On the character of Caproni

Caproni is a very successful aeronautical engineer who comes to visit him in these dreams.  They even acknowledge the fact that Jiro is having the dream and that Caproni is visiting him.  He seems to come to him at times of crisis or times of need, when he has these dreams; when he is a young boy, when he is a young engineer.  Caproni sort of helps him through his life and gives him inspiration, these kind of little pearls of wisdom. But you also see Caproni’s failures as well as his successes.

On The Wind Rises as a family film

As a parent, it’s a great thing to know that there’s a movie you have participated in that you can take your kids to. That isn’t always the case. So that’s really nice.  And I think this genre is disappearing. So it’s nice to have participated in it and to just have it around.

On Miyazaki’s films as art forms

Certainly there is something nostalgic about it – we are not going to see this for much longer.  It’s going to be a rare person that’s going to make an attempt like this again.  There is something really moving about it, you feel the person’s hand in it.  I always think that’s kind of interesting. I think we rely on technology maybe a little bit too much.

On the story’s appeal outside Japan

It’s a fascinating story that I think Americans don’t know. Particularly since it’s about somebody who invented what ended up being a very destructive machine, the reason he did it and how he never wanted it to be what it ended up being. And how it changed the world and how it changed his life. It’s a very unusual story.

On the message behind The Wind Rises

You can realise your dreams but you are not always in control of it; that’s a really interesting message.


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