Jamie Foxx for Spider-Man Sequel Villain Electro

Jamie Foxx is reported to be in talks with Sony about taking on the villainous role of Electro in Marc Webb’s sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man. Electro is one of the few of Spider-Man’s familiar foes who hasn’t yet been brought to life on the big screen, so it’s not a total surprise to see him emerge as a likely adversary for the next film in the rebooted franchise.

The post credits sequence from Andrew Garfield’s first outing as The Amazing Spider-Man had already subtly hinted at Electro featuring in the next film, thanks to a little well placed lightning.

In the original comics Electro aka Max Dillon gained the deadly power to wield electricity after being struck by lightening. However the character has since been given a slightly more plausible back-story based on bio-engineering in subsequent comic books. Recent depictions have also given the character a slightly less ridiculous looking outfit.

It remains to be seen which version Marc Webb will take inspiration from for the new film, but it is likely be the more sensible one.

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