Ibiza Undead Review

The Plot

A group of young people head to Ibiza for the holiday of a lifetime – all the sun, sea and sex they can handle. If only there wasn’t a zombie outbreak getting in the way.

The Good

Set in a world in which zombies are a national epidemic in Britain, though more of an annoyance than an actual threat at this point, Ibiza Undead throws a couple of fun ideas at the premise as our three central characters escape to a place where zombies have not taken over and instead have been utilised as part of the island’s entertainment for tourists.

Hints of a zombie app for humans to use to survive as well as the use of zombies as attractions for strip clubs are nice touches, but the main brunt of the films fun comes from its gore. With any zombie movie you expect some entertaining kills and here, ibiza Undead does not disappoint. Highlights include the inventive use of a glow stick and an umbrella, as well as a hilariously dark moment which sees a plan to stop someone from turning into a zombie.

The Bad

All this however is not enough to make you forget about the underwhelming outcome of the film. The clunky and wooden dialogue that is scattered throughout the script is just the tip of an iceberg which also contains poor acting and missed opportunities. When we’re first introduced to the world of the film, we’re given a cheaply made scene with two gas masked security guards guarding an airport which looks just devastatingly fake. And while the idea of Britain under a zombie epidemic is set up, it’s done so poorly with little exploration into it. Granted, the film swiftly moves to Ibiza for the entire film, but it’s still a shame to see such an interesting take on british teenagers living in this world nonplussed, being thrown aside to make way for a generic zombie film.

If the dialogue wasn’t bad enough, whats worse still is the scenes themselves which linger far too long and oftentimes don’t flow together as well as they could. There are moments scattered throughout the film which feel like the camera has just been left on or that the editor has yet to fine tune it.

The Ugly Truth

Ibiza Undead introduces an interesting take on a zombie infested world wherein the survivors just aren’t impressed by it. Unfortunately it drops any attempt to explore this further and instead throws in wooden dialogue and lingering scenes. The only real highlights are the kills.

Review by Johnny Ellis

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