4 Things That Need To Happen On 24

It’s been nearly 2 weeks since 24 left our screens once again after returning from it’s 4 year absence with Live Another Day. And, whilst a panel at comic con has been and gone (the highlights of which you can see here) The question that EVERY 24 fan has been asking since the show ended has still not been answered. When will Jack be back?

Although it was touched upon at the comic con panel when director Jon Cassar was asked about the possibility of directing the much discussed feature film, no confirmation of further Jack Bauer Power Hour’s were announced. But on the upside, no denial was either.

So while we wait in anticipation for Fox to tell us something, ANYTHING, what better time to have a think about what should happen if 24 were to return to our screens. Below are some suggestions of what can be done in terms of story and character:

1. Kill Jack

Now, bear with me on this. Although Keifer Sutherland is undeniably the star of the show, we can’t deny the fact that he can’t play Jack Bauer forever. So what essentially needs to happen to continue the show without everyone’s favourite sleep deprived agent is a tasteful death. The only way fans will get any closure on Jack’s character is for him to be killed off. After 9 seasons of saving the world over and over again, perhaps the 10th should end with him sacrificing himself for his country.

This way the show can continue with someone else in the spotlight. Perhaps Yvonne Strahovski’s Kate Morgan can carry on where Jack left off. She’s certainly proved herself worthy enough in Live Another Day. Basically if the show means to carry on for a few more seasons, then probably the best idea is to give Jack the happy ending he deserves. And yes, whilst killing him doesn’t sound happy, it’s certainly better than the crap he’s been put through over the years.

This also means there won’t be any constant wondering of where Jack is in future Bauer-less seasons. Because let’s face it, if Bauer is written off in a way in which he is believed to be kicking back on a holiday resort somewhere sipping on a martini and another threat comes along, the only thing that will be going through our heads as the new protagonist struggles through the day will be ‘why don’t they just call Jack?’

2. Bring Back Kim

Assuming Jack is killed off, or even assuming he isn’t, Kim Bauer deserves to come back in some form. Whilst the brief reference to her at the beginning of Live Another Day was nice, what would be even nicer is to see her in the flesh. The latest we heard about Kim was that she had another child, a boy. And the worst thing was that we never found out his name. So at least confirm that she did the right thing and named her son after her hero of a father and we’ll be happy right?

3. Bring Back Tony Almeida

There really aren’t too many classic characters still breathing that need to be looked back at. Frankly, Kim, Chloe and Tony are the main three. Whilst we had enough of Chloe to keep us satisfied in Live Another Day, Tony is still in prison somewhere answering for his crimes from Day 7. It has been confirmed however that we will have an extra in the upcoming DVD of Live Another Day which answers fans questions about Tony, having him back one last time wouldn’t hurt would it?

4. Finally Get That Film Announced!

If Live Another Day proved anything, it’s that there is still a love for 24 out there. In the 4 years between Day 8 and the latest season, possibilities of a 24 movie were constantly in discussion. With Sutherland heavily behind the film. Live Another Day has certainly shown that the show is popular enough to come back after years of being off air so why not finally give us the movie? What would be good is if the movie was Bauer’s swansong, ending with his death and thus allowing for the show to continue after the movie’s been done. Plus who wouldn’t pay to see Jack Bauer kick ass, take names and yell ‘DAMMIT!’ on the big screen?

Honourable mention: Bring Back CTU

It can’t be just me who misses the ring tones?

Written by: Johnny Ellis

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